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Central Vacuums We Suggest
Find Out What Our Team Of Experts Think Are The Best Central Vacuums We Offer

We do not offer any ratings or colorful charts designed to push a particular brand or two, we
simply take the numbers and our experience with different units and let our team of experts
suggest the top brands we offer. Since we are a central vacuum "supplier" and not just a sales
team, we offer many brands to fit many needs and do not "push" one particular brand. We will
show you the specifications as well as the key features on each unit, and let you decide which
central vacuum unit is best. Simply click on your size home below to see what we suggest.
Central Vacuums For Small Homes Central Vacuums For Medium Homes Central Vacuums For Large Homes
What We Suggest For
Small Homes

Homes Up To 3,500 Sq. Ft.
or Up To 5 Wall Inlets
What We Suggest For
Medium Size Homes

Homes 3,500 to 6,000 Sq. Ft.
or 6 - 9 Wall Inlets
What We Suggest For
Large Homes

Homes Up To 6,000 Sq. Ft. & Up
or 10 Wall Inlets or More
With so many different brands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best unit for you.
Our staff here at Central Vacuum Supplier.com came up with our "What We Suggest" area of the
site to make it easier to find a good quality central vacuum. We do not endorse or "push" one
particular brand, but rather show you our best units according to their power, quietness, warranty
and more importantly our experience over the years with those units or brands. We know that
everyone is different and different things matter to different people, so we make sure to include
the "Key Features" of each unit, not just the suction power.

We feel this is the best way to help people decide which central vacuum unit to purchase. Some
units are more money than others, some units are cheaper. Some units may be slightly stronger
but have a short warranty. Some units might be a little less powerful but offer a longer warranty
and quietness. Like what was mentioned above, different things matter to different people, so we
lay out all the most important specs for you to see. To make it ever easier for you, we have
narrowed it down to our best 5 or 6 units, so you don' have to sort through them all. And as
always, if you find yourself wanting to know more or are unsure about anything, please feel free
to contact us. Our trained staff will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.
You want to know how we come up with the central vacuums we suggest? Well the information
below will explain how we come up with our lists and the criteria we look for.

Suction Power
Although suction power is important, it shouldn't be the single most important factor when buying
a central vacuum unit. However, you do want to make sure you have a strong enough unit to get
the job done. After all, you do not want to have to clean the same area twice. Suction power is
most commonly measure in "Air Watts". Typically, the higher the air watts the stronger the
vacuum, but high air watts isn't everything and doesn't compensate for short warranties, loudness,
poor filtration or a bad track record or technical issues. So all in all, suction power is just one
important factor.

Filtration & Quietness
We know that the quietness of the unit only matters to some people, but we feel it is important
to have a quieter machine. The quieter the machine, the more enjoyable the cleaning is. Loud
central vacuums also tend to vibrate, so although not overly important, having a quiet central
vacuum would be nice. The filtration of a vacuum is very important, but also a matter of preference.
No matter what you read on the Internet or elsewhere, one central vacuum filtration type is no
better or worse than the other. Filtration should not be a deciding factor in why one unit is better
than another, and we do not use filtration as a means of making our list. However, the filtration will
matter to you the customer, so we make sure to inform you what style filtration system the unit
has. So whether you want a central vacuum that uses bags or if you prefer a unit that you can
simply dump out without buying bags, it is up to you and your preference.

Lets face it, warranty is important. The warranty of a central vacuum, or any product for that
matter, usually indicates how much faith the manufacture has in their product. If both vacuums
have the same power or close to it, but one unit has a 10 year warranty versus a 3 year, obviously
the unit with the longer warranty makes the cut. It comes down to peace of mind.

Track Record or Our Personal Experience
In our opinion, this just may be the most important factor in making our list. When you deal with
all these central vacuum brands on a daily basis for so many years, you tend to get a feel for
what is good and what is not. It's pretty easy to keep track of or notice which particular brands
or models we get complaints from or technical issues with. If we know a particular brand is notorious
for having numerous technical issues, we simply won't recommend it. These years of experience
have allowed us to determine which brands are more likely to need work done, or which brands
will probably never need more than a routine service for the next 15 years or more. Having that
sort of hands-on experience and knowledge allows us to guide our customers in the right direction.
After all, if your having problems with your unit, so are we.


** Shipping is free on all orders over $60 anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. All orders under $60 and any order
shipped to Alaska or Hawaii will have a shipping and handling fee. Orders will be shipped via FedEx, UPS, USPS or
drop shipped at our discretion. Please see our policies page for more information regarding shipping.


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